Valle Vecchia, natural oasis between the lagoon of Caorle Valle Zignago, the Bibione lagoon and the Adriatic beach offers a spectacle still unique today. The oasis is characterized by over 4 km of sandy coastline left in its natural state and from an agrarian hinterland obtained through the recycling of existing brackish lagoon surfaces. The soils are sandy and loamy type and have frequent brackish water infiltration.

They are represented numerous environmental situations, which include habitats of the sandy dune, freshwater marsh and pine forest inserted into a context of growing areas.

The complex environmental mosaic determines a particular natural wealth with an oasis dedicated to "birdwaching".

The Fat Bike Tour lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes, starting at the entrance to the oasis of the valley to visit all the natural environments that the valley offers. The pine forest, the wildlife oasis, the lagoon and its great natural bea. During the tour you can do "birdwaching" and stand in the beach for a dip in its crystal clear waters and take some tinarella stretched and relaxed in the warm, white sand.

The tour ends with a fish typical lunch in a tavern very characteristic, where you can taste the spaghetti with fresh clams, or a crispy fried fish.


Other things to know:

- Duration of the tour: 2 hours and 30 min. about

- Distance traveled in Fat Bike: 15 km

- Experience with a minimum of 4 people, maximum 10 people.

- The Fat Bike will be directly available in the start point of the tour.

- With a surcharge of 15 € you can also rent a Fat Bike assisted (electric) high quality (mod. Fat Bike of Fantic, Sport version)

- For children under 15 years, according to current law, it is unauthorized rental of electric bikes, but conventional;

- Experience suitable for children over 12 years.

- Experience you can include a private transfer from Venice to the Old Valley, to go to meetings

point of Tuor. The travel in private shuttle from Venice to Old Valley is about 1h drive.

- We recommend to all, to bring a backpack with a change, water bottle, or a asciugamo and costumes for swimming. The sneakers are mandatory to keep cycling.


Tour prices (includes rental Fat Bike + Guide / instructor / service + cleaning of Fat Bike, bike helmet, transfers if required):

-Tour With private transfers and Fat Traditional Bike: € 50.00 / person.

-tour No Private Transfer: 40.00 euros / person.

-Tour With private transfers and Fat Electric Bike: 60,00 EUR / person.

-tour Without electric bike with Fat Transfer: 50.00 euros / person.




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